ReNew Skin Scrubber
ReNew Skin Scrubber
ReNew Skin Scrubber
ReNew Skin Scrubber
ReNew Skin Scrubber

ReNew Skin Scrubber

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ReNEW YOUR SKIN – ReNew by Pure Daily Care is a quick, simple and effective dermabrasion device. This skin scrubber uses a hygienic dermatological grade steel edge that uses sonic vibrations to exfoliate and peel away the surface layer of dead skin while also extracting dirt, oil, sebum, and blackheads trapped in pores to thoroughly clean them. Please note your skin MUST be wet at all times for ReNew to be effective

  • SCRUB EXFOLIATE AND PEEL – ReNew’s main facial cleansing mode requires your face to be wet at all times. With the edge pointed down and in towards your skin apply some moderate pressure to moist skin and move across the face from the inside out. Simply look closely at the edge of the steel plate to see extracted dead skin, oil, and sebum.

  • ENHANCED NUTRIENT DELIVERY – Use “Moisturizing” mode with the flat surface of the steel spatula along with your pre-applied serum or moisturizer to deliver them into the deeper layers of the skin drastically enhancing their effectiveness. This is a great way to ensure you are getting your money’s worth with your current beauty products.

  • ADVANCED TECH & CONVENIENT FEATURES – A premium rechargeable battery allows you to charge ReNew quickly when needed. Built blue-led sanitizing lights add an extra layer of sanitizations as you use ReNew. Touch sensors ensure to is easy to use!

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